Consulting Services

System Architecture

Choosing the correct architecture for your product is key to success, but it can be very difficult to know just what is right for your product. Contact us to see how we can help you in this major decision.

Obsolescence Management

The words no-one likes to hear for qualified production units. Many distributors suggest replacement parts, but this is fraught with issues. In many cases a simple solution exists, but it takes an engineering evaluation to ensure the solution will work for your product. Where that is not possible, we can suggest a solution that has the lowest impact on the product.


You have had your product made, but you are plagued by high levels of failures, or you are seeing an inordinate amount of field returns. These are but two examples of where an independent troubleshooter can help you recover.


Does your product, system or PCB need independent reviews? If you are in the high reliability or safety critical industries the answer is probably yes. There are other good reasons to have an independent review. Ask how we can provide valuable feedback to your team.


Even knowing where to start can be difficult for this, but a thorough knowledge of potential weak spots can help determine how to address them.

Other Capabilities

There are further capabilities available to you; contact us if you wish to discuss something not listed here.