Design Services

High Speed design

Modern computing devices have particularly high speed interfaces with PCIe, 10GE and DDR memory interfaces to name but a few. Successfully designing to these interfaces can be a challenge, to say the least. We are experts in this domain.

Precision Analog

Sometimes considered something of a dark art and often completely overlooked at universities, this can cause great trouble if not done properly. Let us help you find a solution to your analog challenges.

Mixed Signal design

This is perhaps the most difficult of all design challenges. If you need that 24 bit performance of DACs and ADCs in the presence of high levels of noise, then we can help. We are recognised as expert in this field (as we are for all the tasks listed here).

Video interfacing

Video is becoming ubiquitous, but adding this capability can be difficult. Video of all types are understood here.

Power Management

Whether you need a power solution or you need to do power management for your low power application, we can help you achieve the goal.

Embedded Systems

This takes just about all the above. Perhaps you have had some demonstration units that work together and now want a single board that incorporates all that functionality or you need to find the right microcontroller or processor for the task, you have come to the right place. For embedded systems, we can even do the code.

New Technologies

We like new technologies

The problem for many companies is that it is an unknown; something that may be desirable but could easily turn into a money pit.

With our experience of implementing cutting edge technologies and interfacing them to existing technologies, your products can be upgraded with much lower risk than trying to assign a team who may not know the capabilities and pitfalls (there always are) and might cost a lot of money for very little results.

From Gan To Lidar to ultra wideband analog and more

We have the knowledge and expertise to assist in your designs to find an affordable and low risk solution.

Have a question about our capabilities?

The capabilities we have are vast and varied. Even if something you need is not directly mentioned here, then get in touch. It is highly likely we can help with your design requirements at a competitive price.