Some projects I have done

The US 16E ejection seat

I performed a thorough design review for functionality and safety of the Martin Baker US 16E ejection seat seat sequencer as found in the F-35 while working at BAE Systems.

The F-35 Pilot Cooling Unit

This little portable refrigerator keeps the pilot cool while wearing a CB suit. I assisted in the review and design of the control and power electronics while working at BAE Systems Electronic Systems.

Cutting edge design

I designed the first fully standards compliant Infiniband Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel gateways. I was a voting member of numerous working groups of the Infiniband Trade Association. and a contributing author of the R1.2 standard, in particular the high speed signalling supplement.

Root cause analysis

If you don't know the root cause of an issue, you have not fixed the problem. I have found the root cause of perplexing problems in a variety of equipment from video on demand systems to flight safety critical avionics, and notably where others failed.

Helping others

I consider helping those new to the industry to be a duty. You may often find me contributing on the Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange site.

The art of the possible

I was involved in the Sentient Project, which was formed to find new techniques of detecting cracking in airframe structures. What made this truly challenging was that all electronics were powered by harvested energy and a power budget per node of 9mW (and it had a microcontroller). I truly understand low power.

Some more projects I have done