More projects I have been involved in

Proof of Concept Designs

I designed the AfloNext wing airflow control proof of concept drive circuits; this involved driving 16 piezo actuators to permit the flow of compressed air in small puffs to control the boundary layer flow over a wing at critical flight times. .The design was relatively high voltage and therefore a safety case was mandatory. 

Automated Test Equipment

I have designed and written the code for several ATE systems. I have implemented these for both 'bed of nails' and using connectors, minimising variables for each test. ATE for smart payphones to diagnostics for a massively parallel video on demand system are among my achievements.

Video and Imaging

I designed a form, fit and function (including operational controls in the cockpit) video and audio recorder. This is now installed in a fast jet fleet.

More video

I have been deeply involved in the design of Head up Displays for both new and upgrade programmes, Helmet mounted displays and Head down (mission) displays


Yes, I write code as well. For embedded projects I can deliver a fully functional standalone device (for devices where that is suitable) or provide an API wrapper for your team to access from my designs. C is my preferred language but I am comfortable in a number of languages. Contact me if you want to find out more.

Want to know more?

The projects listed are an overview of some of the many things I have done; if you have project that does not appear to be within the scope of those here, contact me as it is perfectly possible I have done something in the area you need.