Training Services

General training

We can provide one day courses at your location for ESD training. A lack of ESD awareness costs companies a large (and unknown) amount of money. Ask the MD / CEO to attend as well!

Design for EMC

EMC (Electromagnetic Compliance) testing is required as part of system level qualification, but it is rarely taken into account early in the design process. This can cause high costs and delays if only considered after all the electronics has been designed.

Design For Test

How do you know that your contract manufacturer really has provided a working assembly? They may have tested the unit, but are there tests they could have done to reduce unexpected device failure symptoms? This course is designed for system and board level designers.

Mixed signal design

This takes decades of experience, but you can get a head start by understanding the challenges involved to make smart design decisions.

We can offer more training services

Don't see what you are looking for? There are more areas of expertise here. Drop us a line on the contact form to see if we can support you.